VIDEO: Nikita Kering’ Ft. Kemena – Let You Down (Mp4 Download)

Let You Down By Nikita Kering’ Ft. Kemena

Nikita Kering’s new song video, “Let You Down,” featuring Kemena, is an exciting addition to the vibrant music scene in Nairobi, Kenya. Released in 2024, the music genre of this track falls under Kenya Music, which encompasses a unique blend of various regional styles, including benga, kapuka, and Afro-pop.

Nikita Kering, born in the Nairobi region, has been making waves in the Kenyan music industry with her soulful vocals and relatable lyrics. Her talent and passion for music have garnered her a considerable fan base and critical acclaim.


VIDEO: Nikita Kering’ Ft Kemena Let You Down (Mp4 Download)