VIDEO: Goodluck Gozbert – Amen (Mp4 Download)

Amen By Goodluck Gozbert

The new song video of Goodluck Gozbert titled “Amen” has recently been released and is making waves in the Gospel music genre. Goodluck Gozbert is a talented musician hailing from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Known for his soulful and uplifting music, Gozbert has garnered a devoted following and has become one of the prominent figures in the Tanzanian Gospel music scene.

“Amen” is a powerful and inspirational song that reflects Gozbert’s deep faith and spirituality. The song is filled with heartfelt lyrics that convey messages of hope, gratitude, and praise. It serves as a reminder that through faith and prayer, one can overcome obstacles and find strength in challenging times.


VIDEO: Goodluck Gozbert Amen (Mp4 Download)