Audio: Marioo Ft. Harmonize – AWAY (Mp3 Download)

AWAY By Marioo Ft. Harmonize

“AWAY” by Marioo ft. Harmonize is a testament to the power of collaboration and musical excellence. With its vibrant fusion of genres, catchy hooks, and captivating lyrics, the song captivated listeners upon its release in 2024. Marioo and Harmonize’s chemistry and talent shine through their soulful vocal performances, while the dynamic production elevates the overall sonic experience. This collaboration represents a pinnacle in Tanzanian music and solidifies both artists’ positions as leading figures in the industry.

“AWAY” is an exhilarating collaboration between Tanzanian artists Marioo and Harmonize. Released in 2024, the song quickly made waves within the East African music scene, captivating fans with its infectious melodies, mesmerizing vocals, and dynamic production. This energetic track effortlessly blends Marioo and Harmonize’s unique musical styles, creating a refreshing sound that captivates listeners worldwide.

Marioo Ft. Harmonize – AWAY