VIDEO: Professor Jay Ft Walter Chilambo – Siku 462 (Mp4 Download)

Siku 462

“Siku 462” by Professor Jay featuring Walter Chilambo is an exciting addition to the Bongo Fleva music scene. Bongo Fleva is a popular genre of music in Tanzania, known for its fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and traditional Tanzanian melodies. The genre has gained immense popularity, not only in Tanzania but across East Africa.

“Siku 462” is a highly anticipated collaboration between two talented artists, Professor Jay and Walter Chilambo. Professor Jay, also known as Joseph Haule, is a veteran Bongo Fleva artist and a prominent figure in the Tanzanian music industry. He has been active in the music scene for over two decades and has consistently produced hit songs that resonate with the audience.

“Siku 462” is a must-listen for fans of Bongo Fleva music and anyone who appreciates soulful and meaningful songs. The combination of Professor Jay’s expertise in the genre and Walter Chilambo’s unique gospel touch makes this collaboration a standout release in the Tanzanian music industry. With its captivating video and powerful message, “Siku 462” is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners and solidify its place as a hit song in the Bongo Fleva scene.