VIDEO: Marioo Ft Mr Nice – Shisha (Mp4 Download)


The official music video for the new song “Shisha” by Marioo ft Mr Nice is an exciting and visually captivating project. Directed by JOMA and produced by S2kiz, the video promises to be an impressive display of creativity and artistry.

S2kiz, the mastermind behind the production of the video, has a reputation for delivering high-quality work. His expertise in creating captivating visuals and managing the technical aspects of production ensures that the video will be polished and professional. S2kiz’s production style often incorporates vibrant colors, dynamic camera movements, and innovative editing techniques, which will undoubtedly enhance the visual appeal of “Shisha.”

The mixing and mastering of the song by Lizer, a renowned audio engineer and producer, will undoubtedly contribute to its overall quality. Lizer has worked with several top artists in the industry, and his expertise in sound engineering ensures that the audio will be crisp, clear, and sonically pleasing. Fans can look forward to a well-balanced mix that highlights the vocals and instrumental elements of “Shisha.”

Overall, the collaboration between Marioo, Mr Nice, JOMA, S2kiz, Lizer, and Bad Nation promises to be a groundbreaking project. Fans of both artists can expect a visually stunning, well-produced video that perfectly complements the infectious energy and catchy beat of “Shisha”. With the combined talents and expertise of these individuals, this music video is poised to be a major success in 2023.