VIDEO: Joel Lwaga – Umenishangaza (Mp4 Download)


Joel Lwaga is a Tanzanian gospel artist known for his uplifting and soulful music. One of his latest releases is the song and video titled “Umenishangaza,” which has garnered a lot of attention and praise within the gospel music community.

“Umenishangaza” is a Swahili phrase, which translates to “You have amazed me” in English. The song is a beautiful expression of gratitude and awe towards God’s love, blessings, and faithfulness. Joel Lwaga’s melodious voice and heartfelt lyrics make this track a powerful and moving worship anthem.

The video for “Umenishangaza” complements the message of the song perfectly. It begins with a shot of Joel Lwaga standing in a serene natural setting, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. As the song progresses, the visuals transition between scenes of Joel singing in a church, a congregation worshipping together, and shots of nature reflecting the beauty of God’s creation.