VIDEO: Dulla Makabila – Nije Ama Nisije (Mp4 Download)

nije ama nisije

“Nije Ama Nisije” is a new song and video released by Tanzanian artist Dulla Makabila. The song is sung in the Swahili language and falls under the Bongo Flava genre, which is a popular music style in Tanzania.

The video for “Nije Ama Nisije” showcases Dulla Makabila’s unique style and talent. It is set in a vibrant urban environment, featuring colorful scenes and energetic dance moves. The video director has made use of various settings and backgrounds to enhance the visual appeal and bring the song to life.

The song itself is a catchy and upbeat track that combines elements of traditional African music with modern beats. Dulla Makabila’s smooth vocals and delivery add an extra layer of charm to the song. The lyrics of “Nije Ama Nisije” speak about love, devotion, and the challenges faced in relationships.

Dulla Makabila is known for his ability to captivate audiences with his powerful voice and engaging performances. He has been active in the Tanzanian music industry for several years and has gained a considerable fan base through his previous hits.

“Nije Ama Nisije” has received positive feedback from fans and music enthusiasts since its release. The video has garnered thousands of views on various online platforms, showcasing the popularity of Dulla Makabila’s music.

Overall, “Nije Ama Nisije” is an entertaining song and video that highlights Dulla Makabila’s talent as an artist. It is a must-watch for fans of Tanzanian music and anyone looking for a catchy and lively song to enjoy.