Audio: Wakazi ft. One The Incredible, Nikki Mbishi & Freshlikeuhhh – Messi (Mp3 Download)


“Beberu Declaration” is an album that features various artists, including Wakazi, One The Incredible, Nikki Mbishi, and Freshlikeuhhh. One of the new songs on the album is titled “Messi”.

The song “Messi” is an audio track that showcases the collaborative talents of the artists. It has a catchy beat and energetic vibe that draws listeners in. The lyrics are cleverly crafted, with each artist bringing their unique flow and wordplay to the table.

Wakazi, One The Incredible, Nikki Mbishi, and Freshlikeuhhh deliver powerful verses, blending their skills together seamlessly. The song touches on various themes such as ambition, perseverance, and the desire to succeed, which are reflected in the references to Lionel Messi, the renowned football player.

Overall, “Messi” is an exciting addition to the “Beberu Declaration” album. It highlights the individual strengths of each artist while showcasing their ability to come together and create a captivating musical experience. Fans of these artists and lovers of Afrobeat music are sure to enjoy this track.