Audio: Professor Jay Ft Alikiba – Calling (Mp3 Download)


Professor Jay, a well-known Tanzanian musician, has recently released a new audio track titled “Calling,” featuring Alikiba. The song is a perfect blend of both artists’ unique styles, bringing together a memorable and captivating musical experience.

“Calling” is an Afro-pop track with catchy beats and melodic hooks that instantly grab the listeners’ attention. The song’s lyrics talk about the struggles and challenges faced in relationships, highlighting the need for open communication and trust. Professor Jay and Alikiba’s powerful vocals beautifully complement each other, creating a harmonious sound that resonates with the audience.

The production quality of the track is top-notch, with well-crafted instrumentals and a polished sound. The infectious rhythm and energetic vibe make “Calling” a perfect choice for any party or dance floor. The song’s catchy chorus and relatable theme have made it an instant hit among fans of both Professor Jay and Alikiba.

Professor Jay, known for his thought-provoking and socially conscious music, continues to impress with his lyrical prowess in “Calling.” His verses are filled with deep emotions and heartfelt expressions, providing a personal touch to the song. Alikiba, on the other hand, adds his signature charm and smooth delivery to further elevate the track.

Overall, “Calling” is a well-crafted collaboration between two talented artists, Professor Jay and Alikiba. The song’s catchy melodies and relatable lyrics make it an instant favorite among fans of Tanzanian music. With its infectious rhythm and powerful vocals, “Calling” promises to dominate airwaves and playlists alike. It is a definite must-listen for music enthusiasts who appreciate good music and captivating storytelling.