Audio: Izzo Bizness – Mr XMAS (V) (Mp3 Download)


Izzo Bizness, a prominent artist in the Bongo Fleva music genre, has recently released a captivating new song titled “Mr. X Mas (V).” This highly anticipated track brings together an impressive lineup of TZ HipHop all Stars, including Rapcha, Frida Amani, Nikki Mbishi, Fredrick Mulla, Chemical, Orbit Makavelli, Appy, Cholo Brighter, Rasco Sembo, and Fivara.

“Mr. X Mas (V)” is a Bongo Fleva audio that combines exceptional rap skills with infectious beats, creating an electrifying and dynamic musical experience. Each artist on the track brings their unique style and lyrical prowess, ensuring that the audience is captivated from the very first second.

Lyrically, “Mr. X Mas (V)” tackles various themes, from personal struggles to societal issues. The artists display their storytelling abilities and address relevant topics with thought-provoking lyrics. This combination of powerful lyrics, skillful delivery, and infectious beats makes the song not only enjoyable but also relatable to a wide range of listeners.