VIDEO: D Voice ft Zuchu – BamBam (Mp4 Download)


BamBam is a combination of Bongo Fleva and Afro Pop, creating a catchy and upbeat rhythm that makes it perfect for dancing. The collaboration with Zuchu adds an extra layer of beauty to the song, as her sweet and soulful voice harmonizes with D Voice’s smooth and captivating vocals.

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The lyrics of BamBam are poetic and romantic, expressing the intense emotions and desires that come with being in love. D Voice praises his partner’s beauty, comparing her to a precious gem that he cherishes. He promises to always be there for her and to protect their love, no matter what obstacles they may face.

The music video for BamBam is visually stunning, featuring vibrant colors, beautiful landscapes, and energetic dance performances. It showcases the chemistry between D Voice and Zuchu, as they deliver a captivating and passionate performance.

Overall, BamBam is a beautiful love song that showcases D Voice’s talent as a songwriter and singer, and with the addition of Zuchu, it creates a magical and enchanting musical experience. This song is definitely a must-listen for fans of Swahili music and anyone who appreciates heartfelt and romantic melodies.

Track 03. BamBam feat Zuchu: — Is a melodious ode to love, reveling in its pleasures. The song articulates DVoice’s deep affection for his love and his determination to remain by her side despite any challenges that may arise.