Audio: Whozu Ft. Mbosso X Billnass – Ameyatimba Remix (Mp3 Download)

Ameyatimba Remix

“Whozu,” in collaboration with the talented artists “Mbosso” and “Billnass,” has created an electrifying remix of the hit song “Ameyatimba Remix.” Hailing from Tanzania, these artists are known for their exceptional contributions to the Bongo Flava music genre, and this remix is no exception.

“Ameyatimba (Remix)” takes the original song to new heights with its infectious beats and captivating melodies. Whozu’s energetic verses, combined with Mbosso’s smooth vocals and Billnass’s lyrical prowess, create a dynamic fusion of talent and creativity. The remix adds a fresh twist to the already popular track, making it an instant favorite among Tanzanian music enthusiasts and beyond.

With their combined star power and musical chemistry, Whozu, Mbosso, and Billnass have breathed new life into “Ameyatimba Remix,” demonstrating their ability to keep the Tanzanian music scene vibrant and exciting. This remix is a testament to their dedication to producing high-quality music that resonates with a wide audience.